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    Angels Carry the Sun (Lilly Press, 2010)

 "Full of unexpected twists." "Thought-provoking." "This novel will keep you glued to its pages until the very end." Small Press Reviews 

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Angels Carry the Sun synopis

In the early 1980s, living in rural poverty in one of the wealthiest counties in Pennsylvania, Flora McDermott has found an epic love.  Everett Finn has that "Black Irish" look, with the black black bottom-of-the-abyss hair and contrasting eyes of sky.  When she sits in his high school English class, Flora can think of little else.  She has no choice; her pens are possessed; she has to flood him with love notes and poetry.  After all, one never knows what could happen in life.  He just may give in to her if she perseveres.  A coming-of-age story with a bite, Flora’s sojourn is of the rudiments that persist in the human heart--dreams, memory, love, and  family, and the ever-mysterious and mutable definition of self.   
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My favorite on the list is probably Atonement, by Ian McEwan.

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My dad's grandfather used to crochet lace all the time when he retired. Things like these: What people did before TV


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Award-winning Poetry
2012 Gertrude Stein Poetry Prize for:
1. Platonic Lovers' Championship Boxing Deathmatch
2. Pushing Down
3. Blaze

Tasty Pushcart-nominated stories: 
1.  The Librarian and the Janitor
2.  Carp with Water in Their Ears 
3.  "Lemon-Scented Death" (Chapter Seven, 
Angels Carry the Sun

Tasty 2011 Rhysling-nominated poem:
A More Significant Sun 
Originally published in ILLUMEN (Oct 2009)
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Poetry chapbook, 
Recidivist (Lilly Press, 2010) 
Includes Rhysling-nominated poem, 
A More Significant Sun (first published in ILLUMEN/Oct 2009; 
reprinted in SNReview/Winter 2009-10.  
Available for purchase at 
River Poets Journal book store

**Read review of Recidivist 
at Gillistophic Blog

Favorite Dress 

I can deny the particular situation.  
Reality can deny me
the perfect measurements
of my dreams.
But the feeling,
the feeling can't be denied.
And I know I'll wear it
for a long long while
like a favorite dress,
beautiful until threadbare
and loved even then.

 cover by Julian Sienzant/DeBUNKPhotography 

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